Elevating Digital Learning: A Data-Driven Approach to Enhancing Course Completion Rates

Product : Amplitude Growth & Experiment

Use Case : User Retention

Industry : EdTech

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital education, a renowned e-learning platform faced a pivotal challenge: optimizing the student experience. With an expansive array of courses, the platform sought to delve deeper into how learners interacted with their content and identify strategies to motivate them to complete their chosen courses.


of courses completed by students enrolled in Academies.


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The Challenge

Amidst a sea of online learning competitors, the platform's primary concern was ensuring sustained user engagement and fostering a commitment to learning. Recognizing the direct link between course completion and user retention, there was a pressing need to devise a strategy that would encourage students to persistently engage and complete their courses.

The Solution

Leveraging the capabilities of a premier analytics tool, Amplitude, we implemented a comprehensive tracking system to monitor user acquisition, discern growth trajectories, and understand intricate behavioral patterns. This granular tracking facilitated data-driven decisions, enabling the platform to refine its product strategy effectively.

To directly address the engagement challenge, we conceptualized "Guided Learning Modules." This innovative approach presented learners with curated, structured course sets, ensuring a seamless and cohesive learning journey. The underlying premise was straightforward: a structured learning path would inherently boost course completion rates and subsequently enhance user retention.


The introduction of "Guided Learning Modules" yielded remarkable results. Analytics showcased that users who opted for these modules achieved an 88.1% course completion rate, a significant leap from the 62.4% observed among those who chose standalone courses. Furthermore, engagement metrics revealed that students within these modules dedicated more time and effort to their learning, validating the initiative's success.

With our specialized analytics solution and the invaluable insights from Amplitude, the e-learning platform now possesses a comprehensive understanding of their product's user journey. This data-centric methodology now guides multiple teams, from Product Design to Marketing, ensuring the platform remains a frontrunner in the digital education realm.

"I would emphasize the vigilant oversight and support provided by KernelPI Analytics. They ensure we fully utilize the capabilities of Amplitude, and I believe we still have much more to extract from this powerful tool"

Andrea Cenzano Montera
Product Owner at Crehana

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