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We exist to help organizations to deliver data-driven, customer-centric, product-led digital experiences at scale.

Access powerful product insights with automated reports, build better conversion funnels and make intelligent decisions with real-time insights into product and behavioral data.

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We created taiored-suited strategies and martech stacks designed to help our client's growth, and increase their user’s retention, activation and engagement.


Everything to optimize your product in one place

Drive product adoption

See who uses your product features with visualized path analytics that finds friction and makes it clear where to optimize for customer value.

Optimize conversions

Compare funnels by who converts and who doesn’t to see shared traits, remove obstacles, and deliver a seamless experience.

Boost retention and loyalty

Identify what drives churn, purchasing, and loyalty by correlating user behaviors with growth for greater returns at every stage of the funnel.

Power experimentation

Run, scale, and analyze targeted experiments for user flows, forms, and more using existing analytics to ship better experiences faster.

Enable product-led growth

Take action on powerful product insights to meet customers where they are and fuel acquisition, monetization, and retention.


Unlimited Analytics For A Flat Monthly Fee

We will take care of all your product analytics needs. No inefficient freelancers. No lengthy hiring procedures. No long-term contracts. Just Your Work Getting Done!


Listen To & Understand Users

$ 999 /month

Understand Full User Jouney, Experiment and Optimize them

User Segmentation

Conversion Funnels

Retention Analysis

User Journeys

Feature Impact Analysis

Engagement Matrix

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Understand & Act On User Behaviour

$ 1999 /month

All Of Start Plan + Powerful Customer Engagement On Automation

All of Starter Plan

Behaviour Based Interactions

Omnichannel Orchestration

Messaging, Frequency & Channel Experiments

Optimize Paid Media Using First-party Data

Send Time-sensitive CTAs Or Reengage Lapsed Customers

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Unite Data Across Sources And Teams

$ Custom /month

Increase data quality and reduce cost with insight-driven instrumentation

Data Planning, Governance

Audience Management, Activation

Integrate 3rd Party Platforms

Segment Testing

Release & Feature Management

Two Way Omnichannel Messaging

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Our Analytics Partners

We work with new-age product & growth analytics partner platforms to deliver you the best results, flexibility and growth.


Drive growth with robust product and behavioral analytics

Amplitude is the Digital Optimization System used by the most valuable brands and disruptive teams to understand and personalize their digital products, in order to achieve better ratios of activation, engagement and customer retention.

Understand Full User Jouney & Behaviour
Experiment & Optimize User Journey
Unite data across teams, sources with governance
Build and simultate conversion funnels

Forge strategic interactions & engage your customers

Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform based on data. It enables companies to power relevant and memorable digital experiences between consumers and the brands they love.

Welcome new customers with direct messaging
Drive engagement & increase transactions
Win back lost customers
Build dynamic audiences with real-time data

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Taiored-suited strategies and martech stacks designed to help you drive growth, increase your user’s retention, activation and engagement.


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