Revitalizing Digital Pharmacy Sales: A Precision-Driven Analytics Approach

Product : Amplitude Growth

Use Case : Attribution Sources

Industry : e-Commerce

In the competitive realm of online pharmacies, a prominent player with a vast footprint across multiple countries faced a perplexing challenge. Despite a significant marketing spend, the conversion metrics from platforms like Facebook and Google didn't align with their internal sales data. The mission was clear: decode this discrepancy and optimize the sales funnel.


in digital channel sales


in projected incremental sales


The Challenge

The pharmacy's ambitious decision to triple their marketing investment was met with puzzling results. While external platforms reported a 3x surge in conversions, the internal sales metrics showed a more modest growth. This disparity raised a critical question: Where was the disconnect in the customer journey?

The Solution

Leveraging a decade's expertise in analytics, our collaboration with Amplitude enabled a deep dive into the pharmacy's user acquisition and behavior patterns. We unearthed that while user interactions were high, the conversion funnel had specific drop-off points post-ad engagement.

By meticulously tracking every user touchpoint, from ad click to final purchase, we identified bottlenecks in the user journey. Strategic changes were implemented, such as refining ad targeting, optimizing landing pages, and streamlining the checkout process.

Furthermore, our analytics revealed that certain marketing campaigns, though driving high traffic, resulted in low conversions. By reallocating resources to more fruitful campaigns, the pharmacy optimized its marketing spend, ensuring maximum ROI.


The outcome? A staggering 30% increase in digital channel sales and a projected 6% boost in incremental sales over the subsequent quarter. By pinpointing and rectifying the disconnects in the user journey, the pharmacy not only achieved a harmonized marketing strategy but also realized a substantial return on their investment. In the world of digital sales, precision-driven analytics proved to be the game-changer.

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